4 Delicious breakfast options you MUST try!

Pastechi – Patties


Don’t know what to eat for breakfast?
Try our “Pastechi’s”. Patties are served in different countries, in different ways, and eaten in different moments.
In Curaçao, we like our “Pastechi’s” doughs nice golden deep-fried, soft, and with fillings like cheese, ham, beef, chicken, or codfish.


Arepa di Pampuna – Pumpkin Pancakes

A great option to start your Sunday smiling is, “Arepa di Pampuna”.
They are deliciously sweet! Slightly denser than the pancakes you might be accustomed to.

They’re fragrant with nutmeg and cinnamon and make a delicious breakfast or mid-morning snack.


Johnny Cakes
Johnny Cakes are small stuffed deep-fried buns made from soda dough.

They are often filled with cheese, but they can also be filled with cod or ham and cheese.
To make a perfect combo, make sure to buy a chilly “Awa di Lamunchi” (Lemon Juice) or whatever other juice you may like.


For those who want a healthier option, “Batidos” is a good choice.

Batidos is a smoothie of milk and fresh and frozen fruit of your choice.

It is nice and refreshing in warm weather (and let’s face it, the weather is always warm here)


You can find these at any local snack bar between morning and noon. Beware, they are sold out pretty fast, so make sure that you are driving one of Smart Wheels cars so you can get there on time! 


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