Blue Room Curacao

You have probably heard about the blue room mane times before your arrival in Curacao, or perhaps while being here. It’s without a doubt a must do. You can get to the location in many different ways, and the first decision to be made: are you doing by land or by sea? Playa Sta Cruz is the closest beach and also the most common departure place. From here you can do a 15-20 minutes hike leading to the coast line. Once arrived, you will have to jump into the water and eventually climb back in. The tide can make the climb back up a little challenging. Therefore we recommend putting on water shoes if possible. From Sta Cruz you can also go by boat, kayak or even sup. The time of day that you visit the blue room is crucial for the ultimate experience. You need the sun positioned correctly. As this may vary throughout the year, it’s best if you ask for advice while on the island. We also highly recommend visiting the Blue Room with an experienced guide, as the water can get a little rough at times.


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