Food for the Soul 

Our local food is called Krioyo (pronounced the same as criollo) and boasts a blend of flavors and techniques best compared to Caribbean cuisine and Latin American cuisine.

Dishes common in Curaçao are found in Aruba and Bonaire as well.  


Popular dishes include:  


Piska ku Funchi (Fish and Polenta) 

Fresh fish paired with polenta, fried plantain, and topped off with traditional sauce which is poured over the fish.

Served with a salad, this dish is as fresh and revitalizing as they come. 


Where to find it: Kenchi Bigeye Scad



Guiambo – Okra soup  


A Curaçao delicacy, this thick, slimy dish is commonly known as okra soup.

The okra is stewed to perfection then mixed with a variety of local seafood.

The strong rich taste coupled with the slimy texture can be something you have to get used to before you decide on how much you love this dish. 


Where to find it: Komedor Krioyo 



Stobá – Stew 


Stobá is a traditional Caribbean stew originating from Curaçao.  

In order to prepare it, chunks of beef, goat or papaya are marinated then combined with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, chili peppers, soy sauce, stock, cumin, and nutmeg. 

The dish is cooked slowly until the meat becomes tender and the stew develops a thick consistency, and it is recommended to serve it with steamed white rice.  


Where to find it: Plaza Bieu


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