Let’s wrap up 2021

Whether it’s your kitchen, closet, or cabinet, pick at least one area of your home you can spend an afternoon tidying.

During the year, we often buy or receive unnecessary items we think are practical at the moment.
Sometimes we can still put them to good use, but it also happens that we cannot find a purposeful solution for them.

In other words, they become clutter.
So, before the year ends, declutter your house and let go of all the unnecessary.


Get rid of all clothes that don’t fit or are just not of your liking anymore.
It’s time to either give them a new home, repair them or throw them away. 

Donate old but useful toys and books that aren’t getting the attention they deserve.
Numerous people can use a good fit,  a new toy, or a good book. 


If it is hard to decide what to keep or give away, ask yourself, “Does this give me joy”?
Depending on your answer, you’ll know what to do. 


Let’s make the most wonderful time of the year even more wonderful in a clean and decluttered home. 


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