Do you love pets?

Do you enjoy volunteering and are looking forward to helping a charity organization while visiting our beautiful island?

We got you!

In Curaçao, we celebrate our animals during the whole month of October.  

The “Curaçao Foundation for the Protection of Animals” is active for animal welfare and is committed to helping

stray dogs and cats on the island.  

They are responsible for cats and dogs in need of shelter. medical care, or relocation and adoption.  

Especially during this month, they focus on educating our community on how to properly care for animals

at home and they also raise awareness on “Animal Abuse”.  


Join us as we partner up with them, they need you!


How can you help? Easy! Just rent a car with us, a percentage of all income in October will go to

the “Curaçao Foundation for the Protection of Animals”.

You can also visit them to volunteer, spend time with the animals or adopt one.  


Studies have found that animals can reduce loneliness, increase the feeling of social support, and boost your mood.

It’s a win-win situation, the animals will be extremely happy, and you will feel overly satisfied after giving your

love, time, and, or financial support to a great cause! 


We love us some “Pet Lovers”! 


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