The heart of Curaçao

If there is a city in the tropics that breathes street art, it is certainly Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao.

Nothing is better than getting lost in the small streets of the colorful districts of Punda, Otrobanda, or Scharloo.
From the noisy square to the deserted alley, drive around in our fancy cars and see the city in all it’s glory.
You can have an “Instagram tour” and take pictures in front of the most beautiful murals, rainbow facades,
and quietest places in Scharloo.


Willemstad is divided by St. Anna Bay, to the east you have Punda and to the west, you’ll find Otrobanda
(which literally translates to “other side”).
The Queen Emma Bridge, also known as the swinging old lady, links the two sides of the capital.
Willemstad is popular with the colorful buildings on the Handelskade.


In the city, you will find several attractions, such as Fort Amsterdam, with it’s Dutch colonial architecture,
and the Curaçao Maritime Museum.


You will also find many nice hotels to stay in and near Willemstad.
Whether you are staying in Willemstad itself or elsewhere on the island, you should never miss this city when you travel to Curaçao.



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