The Traffic rules & refueling on Curaçao

The residents of Curaçao really do everything by car. Even if so to speak you have to be 300 meters away, you take the car. The reason for this is simple: It is too hot to walk.

It is quite easy to keep up with the daily traffic in Curaçao. It is usually quiet on the road, especially compared to other countries. Curaçao has no highways.


Traffic rules and tips

▪ On Curaçao people drive on the right, which does not make it difficult for most Europeans, North and South Americans, when they want to tour the island themselves.

▪ Right always has priority.

▪ Maximum speed within the built-up area is 45 km / h. Outside the built-up   area of ​​60-80 km / h, unless stated otherwise!

▪ Seat belts are compulsory; mobile phone calls by the driver are prohibited.

▪ Right of way rules and traffic signs are the same as in the Netherlands, except for equivalent T-junctions, here ongoing traffic always has right of way.

▪ On two-lane roads, overtaking is allowed on the left and right.

▪ In wet road conditions and rain, moderate your speed and distance from the vehicle in front. The roads are then extremely smooth (a lot smoother than in other countries) so the braking distance is quite long!


What to do in a car accident with only light damage?

Usually the car rental company has instructed you on what to do in the event of an accident. You contact the car rental company first and then call the Forensys on phone number 199. Never move the vehicle, leave the situation as it is until CRS is on site and records the situation.


Refueling on Curaçao – pay in advance!

Refueling on Curaçao is actually the same as in other countries, with one important difference: You have to pay in advance before gasoline (or diesel) comes out of the pump.

  1. Park your car at an available pump
  2. Walk to the building and indicate for how much you want to refuel and at which pump number. If you do not know in advance how much it will / may cost, then give plenty of money; you can get change back after refueling
  3. Refuel; as soon as you reach the paid amount, the pump switches off automatically
  4. If applicable: don’t forget to pick up your change!


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