Curaçao’s island vibe is amazingly relaxed! 


Anything goes here, just as long as you make sure to pack light, breathable fabrics as the island is pretty hot year-round.

We also recommend packing a colorful outfit if you’re into photography.

The island is a photographer’s paradise and a colorful outfit goes perfectly with all the vibrant buildings!


Swimming gear and hiking shoes
Not 100% necessary but useful if you’re into adventurous activities and like to swim. The water here is just another level of blue and turquoise! Curaçao also offers plenty of fun activities for those who love adrenaline such as hiking, mountain biking, ATV and more!  


A small backpack for day trips and a cross-body bag for every-day use can also be very useful. You will thank us later!
Some of the fancier restaurants, as well as most late-night clubs, often have a dress code not allowing flip flops, shorts, or sportswear, so bring a long-sleeve shirt, nice dress and shoes.


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Curaçao Island Fly Over Tour

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