Truk’i Pan – Food trucks

When nighttime hits, the late-night dining and street food scene on Curaçao is dominated by
food trucks called “Truki Pan”, short for “Trùk di pan”, translated to the sandwich truck.



Most food trucks open after 9:00 pm and stay open till deep in the night.

These trucks used to only sell sandwiches, but pretty soon fries were added with a variety of grilled meats or seafood.

You will find the trucks along the road.


Order your food through the window and try the melt-in-your-mouth steak, called “Lomito” or Chicken with peanut sauce,
“Ku batata”, with fries.

Wait until your number is called and customize your order with a sauce you can find on the counter of the truck.

Squeeze into the small seating area in front or do as the locals do and eat your fried food from the hood of your car.


Every Curaçaoan has their favorite Truki pan, their go-to place.
Eating from a truck is an excellent experience for anyone on the island!


Where to find it: BBQ Express, Koki riba Blòki, Tok Tok on Wheels


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