Westpunt is the last neighborhood on the west side of the island and it’s also a fishermen’s village. At a walking distance from playa Kalki you can find the famous Buraku di Tomasito, a waterhole where you can take a plunge. A lot of fun for kids. The best way to get here is through the entrance of Kura Hulanda Lodge. Instead of white sand, some of the beaches in westpunt are covered with stones, seashells and beach glass. These are pieces of glass  that have been in the ocean for  so long. Their edges are rounded off and they have a frosted look. These are very attractive pieces for our little collectors playing on the beach and they can be found in numerous colors.


Playa Grandi at Westpunt overlooks the Fishermen’s Wharf and all the boats docked at sea. Its also the most visited location for the daredevils that want to do some cliff jumping. This is not for the faint hearted as it will feel like an eternity before you hit the water. For the little daredevils, there’s a smaller alternative beach downstairs.

The West side of the island has many public beaches. You are allowed to bring your own food, snack and beverages. Just make sure to clean up before you leave the beach and if possible try to use only eco-friendly products.


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