History Happened Here

Our Smart Wheels team wants you to have the best experience and get to know more about our “dushi” people. So we recommend you to visit, Museum Kurá Hulanda where our history comes alive.   Museum Kurá Hulanda is an anthropological museum that focuses on the predominant cultures of Curaçao. It offers a world-class chronicle […]


You’ve got to have been there to Believe it. Curaçao, unknow at first, then unforgettable.   A visit to Curaçao always seems too short. If you were to spend even just a week on the island, you’d be running the risk of getting Curaçao under your skin. There is something about this island. Before you know […]

Be Grateful and resolve to be better

Before the year comes to an end, take the time to look back at the goals, resolutions, or intentions you set for this year.  If there’s anything you didn’t quite get to do, there’s still time to start working on them. Nevertheless, know that you are awesome in every single way because even though you […]


Curaçao’s island vibe is amazingly relaxed!    Anything goes here, just as long as you make sure to pack light, breathable fabrics as the island is pretty hot year-round. We also recommend packing a colorful outfit if you’re into photography. The island is a photographer’s paradise and a colorful outfit goes perfectly with all the vibrant buildings!   Swimming […]

Curaçao Island Fly Over Tour

Discover Curaçao from the skies above