Truk’i Pan – Food trucks

When nighttime hits, the late-night dining and street food scene on Curaçao is dominated by food trucks called “Truki Pan”, short for “Trùk di pan”, translated to the sandwich truck.     Most food trucks open after 9:00 pm and stay open till deep in the night. These trucks used to only sell sandwiches, but […]

As sweet as our “Yu di Kòrsou”

Kokada –  is a coconut candy that originated on the islands of Curaçao, Bonaire, and Aruba. These candies can be bought anywhere on the island. You can buy them at snack bars, on the streets of downtown.   Ko’i lechi – literally translates as “things made of milk” and that’s exactly what this candy is. […]

4 Delicious breakfast options you MUST try!

Pastechi – Patties   Don’t know what to eat for breakfast? Try our “Pastechi’s”. Patties are served in different countries, in different ways, and eaten in different moments. In Curaçao, we like our “Pastechi’s” doughs nice golden deep-fried, soft, and with fillings like cheese, ham, beef, chicken, or codfish.   Arepa di Pampuna – Pumpkin […]

Food for the Soul 

Our local food is called Krioyo (pronounced the same as criollo) and boasts a blend of flavors and techniques best compared to Caribbean cuisine and Latin American cuisine. Dishes common in Curaçao are found in Aruba and Bonaire as well.     Popular dishes include:     Piska ku Funchi (Fish and Polenta)  Fresh fish paired with polenta, fried plantain, and topped […]

Curaçao Island Fly Over Tour

Discover Curaçao from the skies above